What endears people most about CLOUIE is that she can be different things at a moment’s notice: subtle, optimistic and sensible one moment, goofy and wacky the next. One thing’s for sure though- she’ll make you remember her for the rest of your life.

I loove reading books and watching cartoons, I adore vintage stuffs, shopaholic, potato lover, home buddy, this is me! I grew up as a chubby, jolly and not even afraid to try stuffs that are new to me.
I know for myself that I am not a girl no more, not a woman yet. I am a teenage girl who’s simply like the rest but definitely unique in my own ways. I love to love. I love the things associated with my personality- Spohie Kinsela’s books, Breadtalk, Bannaple, my Fave pendant, and my shoes. I love the people who complete me, who stay with me through it all.
Knowing myself, I don’t want failures. I am afraid of imperfections. I don’t want to be alone. I don’t want to be a disappointment. I want to make them proud of me. I want to make my loved ones happy. I want to be successful. I want to be the answer to their prayers and dreams.

*The Finer Things In Life*
As a friend, I make sure that I won’t waste any single moment we share together. I love giving simple presents that are personalized. A simple text message saying “I miss you and hope you’re always okay”completes my day as I already sent it to them. I want to make them feel how much I appreciate their presence in my life and how often I miss the younger days.
I just love my friends because they do love me too and I really feel that. During boring and dull days, we’ll meet at the mall and watch a movie, window shop and even boy hunt at times. Whenever anyone has a problem, probably about love, we listen to each others burdens and give advices as to how can pain simply go away. If once again cupid spread love in the air, support and the assurance that there’ll be always someone on your side is given. It takes hard work to keep friendships alive, especially at the beginning, but it’s worth the effort.
Sisters and brothers, this is the connection between me and my friends. Fun, adventure and excitement- I love these, we all love these. Regret is one of the things we eliminated in our dictionaries because we want to make the most out of everything we want to do. Good times and bad times, happy and sad times, May it be love or not, we’ve shared these times together and we’ll stick till the end.
We are all shaped by our friendships, for better or for worse. As I’ve been living for almost eighteen years here on Earth, it is true that many people already walked in and out of my life. ✌❤😃

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Another novel to read. 😌 #TheZahir by #PauloCoelho (Taken with Instagram at Lamina’s Residence)

Another novel to read. 😌 #TheZahir by #PauloCoelho (Taken with Instagram at Lamina’s Residence)